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"Status Nominal" Profile (Prague, Czech Repulic)

Supporting the European contingent of minimal DJ’s, James (aka Status Nominal) is an experienced DJ / Producer and has been mixing for at least 20 years.

Starting out as many in the days of the Prodigy, spending many unforgettable nights on the dance floor at the infamous Essex Barn and Stable with the Braintree crew in the years before they became famous in London, UK. 

During the ‘90s James progressed through the Prague and Berlin scenes, a regular visitor to Tresor at Leipziger Strasse where he gained his appreciation and love of techno.  

James is a Love Parade veteran, including: ’96 “We Are One Family", ’97 "Let the Sunshine In Your Heart", ’98 "One World One Future", and the massive ’99 parade “Music is The Key”, with 1,500,000 participants. 

Today, James is a prolific producer working with Roland, Korg and Moog analog and digital synthesizers and Ableton Live. 
Peace to all.