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Seldon Profile (Hungary)

Seldon was born in 1978 in Budapest, Hungary. As he was surrounded by music from the early age it's determined his addiction to sound. He met the real techno sound in the mid 90s at the roots of the Hungarian underground, at the legendary FMK club. He bought his first record in 1996, but when his vinyl collection had been stolen he had to suspend his musical carrier. H started to play at various underground gigs from 1998, where he already played in his unique breakbeat/techno/ acid/minimal style.

In 2011 he started his collaboration with the Electrocat crew, than with the deep techno crew “Echoscope” and the label Mandms music. Also in 2011 the France based started to support him by offering a main page promotion to his bi-weekly live show “Sonovizor”. This show had been re-launched in 2014 on “Paris 1 - Reverse” web radio and later on it moved to Digitally Imported /

In 2014 he started another show, "Subconcious safari" @ While "Sonovizor" is focusing on deeper sounds and minimal, "Subconcious safari" is is a more complex techno project. He released his first collab track in 2012, with Khristian K under Mandms Music.

Seldon has several parties with the audio-visual group “Lumenartist”. Beside of Hungary he played in Belgium, Germany, Austria and Holland.

His performances are unique, hypnotic and trippy, makes the listener move with closed eyes... makes both the mind and the body move.

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Beatz & greetz! :)