Silent Discussion

"Gary Franks" Profile (AUS)

Gary is a specially gifted musician who not only plays synthesisers but lovingly restores them and quite often can be found, in his workshop, with a soldering iron in hand swapping out components and nursing classic 70's and 80's synths back to full-health.

Having built his own modular beast in his teens, Gary knows how to get the most out of his instruments, and combined with the creative production capability of Ableton Live 9.6, he presents a compelling and deep musical proposition.

As with all of us in the Silent Discussion team, Gary grew up listening to the pioneers of electronic music, with the likes of Karlheinz Stockhausen, Kraftwerk and Walter Carlos. He also delights in taking inspiration from many diverse and surprising genres (with the exception of Bro Country...)

Gary Franks supports Silent Discussion promotions in Australia and is currently working on a three way collaborative EDM album with Chryophase (Brisbane, AU) and Status Nominal (Prague, Czech Republic).