Silent Discussion


Founded by two experienced DJ's, both residents of DI.FM internet radio, Silent Discussion promotes high profile, guest-led events in Australia and at Budapest, Hungary.  Minimal Techno is the main theme of these events.  

"Budapest in the Dark" brand has a commitment for ongoing support for events in Hungary and other countries in Europe.

Silent Discussion have hosted: Troy Pierce (USA),  Miro Pijac (Germany), Nino Blink (UK, Creepy Finger) & Terry Whyte (UK, Creepy Finger), Luigi Rossi (Germany, Together in the Dark), Mogo (Mexico) and Alex Cambrano (Mexico) from 2015 to date.  

Promotions managers are : 

  • David Chapman (Chryophase) is based in Queensland, Australia

  • Peter Vidra (Seldon) based in based in Budapest, Hungary ("Budapest in the Dark


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